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Community & Athletic Cardiovascular Health Consortium 2019

Protecting Communities and Fostering National Network Support in Cardiovascular Care and Safety

In its inaugural year, the Community & Athletic Cardiovascular Health (CAtCH) Consortium is an educational event and meeting that will focus on the enhancing cardiovascular care and safety in Canada. Headed by the Canadian Cardiovascular Safety in Sport Network (CCVSafetyinSport), the main theme of our event is New Frontiers in Cardiovascular Safety: AED, Sport, & Community.

Our event consists of a public educational forum to learn about cardiovascular safety initiatives and programs aimed at providing support to those involved in sport and the communities that surround them. The foundation of our network goals begins with the establishment of a national Automatic Electronic Defibrillator program to facilitate cardiovascular safety in communities through bystander resuscitation, reducing the risk of cardiovascular mortality as a result of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). As athletes, especially recreational and older athlete, are at an increased risk of SCA, our focus is to ensure effective procurement, placement, and resource utilization of AEDs to protect all those involved in sport. Other goals of our network are aimed at providing proper cardiovascular safety care to communities across Canada. Such goals include informing sport communities on cardiovascular pre-participation screening procedures, the management of at-risk athletes, shared-decision making in sport medicine, and the cardiovascular care of specific populations, such as children, older athletes, and women. We will also have guest speakers joining us to talk about new research and programs within the sports medicine field.

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A live webinar of CAtCH 2019 will be offered from 10:00am - 4:00pm on Saturday, October 5th, 2019. Feel free to tune in for all sessions, or a few topics/presentations you are interested in. Click this icon to register for FREE!

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